Please help me i think i stuffed up my sons xbox 360

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    Hi all,

    We have a xbox 360 and it was working fine until i was advised to update to the latest dash to uncripple the hard drive.
    I updated and then had to pay to get it flashed to ixtreme 1.1.
    The following games worked perfect before but now do not load:
    Homefront, dragon age 2 and wwe all stars.
    I did remove the systemupdate folder before i burnt them and did not use agbx360.
    Can someone please suggest how i can fix this issue?
    Should i just reburn and run through agbx first and set to level 3?
    My son is so angry with me.

    Cheers Shane
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    latest dash to uncripple the hard drive- it should do it but anything after the may release last year should do it.

    Homefront, dragon age 2 and wwe all stars are all new games and thus require the latest dash but they should not have AP2.5 on them

    "ixtreme 1.1"- assuming that is the number why would you do that? 1.6NS is you do not care about the AP2.5 titles or LT+ if you have splitvid discs already (or can reburn) and want the AP2.5 titles to work. If it is 1.1 I can see it having a problem with that as it is very old (not sure what though- it should not have a problem with nuked update sections but it might).

    Also if you have updated there is no need to wave patch or nuke the update folder- the only reason in your case (JTAG is a different matter) to hold off updating is to stick with the kinect beta that did not have AP2.5 but those games you mention and most new releases are past that and need the very newest dash (unless you have a JTAG machine).