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    Dec 13, 2010
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    I recently softmodded my 4.3u Black Wii. I have had experience with playing backups from disks but obviously with a black Wii this isn't an option. I tried to load backups from a WBFS formatted SDHC 16gig with Neogamma Beta(Running from 2g USB key). I got twilight princess to work but nothing else. Mario Kart, Epic Mickey, Wii Party, Kirby Epic Yarn all gave an "An error has occurred. Eject Disc then turn off the Wii Console and refer to the Wii Operations Manual." The games don't start at all. The error is immediate. I

    I'm wondering what is the best way to load backups from SD Card? All the info I find is about ripping to SD.

    I used Modmii to softmod. I d/led everything with the Wizard except the Wii Channels and active IOSs. Should I download the active IOSs?

    I'm looking into it myself but I'm on limited time(No Internet at home.) Any help will be much appreciated.