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    I have a 3ds xl on version US 9.8-25. I was looking at and it doesn't seem to hard to downgrade. I'm only interested in playing games in other regions(patched,translated,etc) that haven't been ported here yet, and roms of lesser known games that i might not buy otherwise (if i like a series i try to buy it anyway).
    Mostly I was wondering if you can use 3ds roms, i've been looking through a lot of homebrew and couldn't find it mentioned whether to discourage use or because it's not here yet without a flash card i don't know. I guess i'm wondering if following the guide and rxtools is all i need or am i missing something?
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    Oh easy just get NASA and then go to that 3ds Iso site You have to log in in order to download anything and be careful its full of viruses. Also just gotto the cia portion to get free games.
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    Well if you do end up downgrading to 9.2 i highly recommend installing an emuNand. A guide ive used extensively can be found here. After installation just use FBI installer to install just about anything.