Hardware Play GameCube Games with GBA on Wii?


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Jun 12, 2007
Hi, Have tried to search all over the net for some Info. Hope someone here can help.

I have a Wii and i want to play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles with Two Players.
I have the game (original disc) and I Have Two GBA SP with The GBA > GameCube Cable.

I Cant Get the GBA to connect to the Wii properly.
Tested the game on a GameCube and all works Fine som my cabels and GBA is Working.

I have also Got Animal Crossing for Gamecube, if i link the GBA to The Wii I CAN go to the Island so the GBA Works with the Wii

Anyone know if its someting worng with my Wii or is this a Common Problem?

(Tried to play Zelda Four Swords and it Didn't Work!! Its seems tho that the GBA in the GC port 2-4 can connect but not the one in the First port)

PS: My English is not the best, but i hope you understand what I Want to say

EDIT: Now I had the cance to test it on another Wii (D2C Not Modded). Tested with Windwaker and calling for Tingle, with tis Wii I did see the lite tingle with his baloon and it said "Calling" or somthing. then it just went back to the "GameBoy" logo. This ONLY happend Once! Tried with two diffrent GBA SP and two different Cables.

No One had even tried it? oh My cables ar not Original ones.. can that do anything? it works on a "Real" Gamecube!

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