Planning on getting a New PSP Go for PS1 gaems, but...?

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    How do PS1 games look when on full screen mode. On the Vita, they look very stretched (Lara Croft looks like she gained a few pounds) and a little blurry.

    Also, the PSP has perfect compatibility with PS1 games right? I heard people say that some games freeze or crash, but others say that it's perfect since the PSP has PS! hardware inside.
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    If you stretch any PS1 game to either the aspect ratio of the Vita or PSP then games will look odd. The Vita is perfectly capable of playing PS1 games in 4:3 which keeps the aspect ratio from the PS1 games and stops characters looking out of proportion. You will get the same issue with the PSP Go if you stretch the image to fit the screen.

    With regards to the games looking a little blurry, not much you can do about that, thats the nature of putting games from that era onto LCD / OLED screens. They show up the rough nature that CRT hid really well. However, games do look slightly "less" blurry on the PSP Go than the Vita, because the resolution of the PSP screen is closer to a match of the original PS1. Plus, its a smaller screen so hides it somewhat.
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    Ps1 look great on PSP go.
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    I have a PSP Go with CFW. It's great. :D