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    Sorry if this has already been posted in the past , I don't condone illegal roms or illegal use of the gateway 3DS I personally use it with my own backed up games

    Tools Needed

    1. 3ds xl / LL/3DS / not tested on new 3ds (console must be on 4.5 to 9.2 otherwise gateway will not work)
    2. Gateway 3DS (Sky3ds does not support emunand mode to my knowledge so cannot install .cia files)
    3. Pokemon Rom/Offical cartridge (I dont condone or support illegal rom use - Backup your game!)
    4. Savefl (savedata filer)
    5. .CIA files do not work to well in emunand 9.5/9.4 as they appear corrupt in savefl so i recommend cart mode only
    6. SD card reader for PC
    7. A windows PC not sure if Wine on Mac works with PKHex

    Lets get to it

    step 1.
    Get 3DS into gateway mode I recommend having Emunand setup and unlinked otherwise you will have to constantly unwrap the savefl file

    Step 2.
    Download the savefl tool search on google for this I will not give links to it in this guide.
    Install it with Big blue menu or Dev menu whichever you have for installing.

    Step 3.
    Insert or Select your pokemon rom with gateway's Multi menu by pressing select on the gateway mode screen.

    Step 4.
    Open up Savefl and at the top CTR card will be displayed , make sure its highlighted and press Y and then press a to export the data to the SD card.

    Step 5.
    Turn off 3DS and put SD card into PC , Download PKHEX search the forums for this.
    and once you have it boot it and phex hopefully will auto detect the save on your SD if not use the open option from the menu and then pkhex should automatically see the "main" file from the sd card where the savedata is then click open in the windows explorer window and now you should see your save in the program.

    Step 6.
    After you have edited your game (Wondercard's do not work properly or they did not for me anyway)
    on the right side with the save loaded you should see the tab "SAV" this is just above the box window on the right side.
    if you want to check the checksums here in the sav tab go ahead I dont understand what it means exactly at this stage but i have never had problem to date.
    Now press on "Export Sav"
    it will come up with a this file already exists do you want to overwrite it , say yes to this otherwise it wont work when you go back to savefl
    That it is with the pc return to gateway mode on the 3DS (make sure you sd is in otherwise Gateway wont work)
    Once back in gateway make sure your pokemon game is loaded in the slot using the method as mentioned in step 3

    step 7. return to SaveFL and with CTR card still highlighted touch the "SD" tab at the top of the screen and using the options now press A and it will say import the name refers to the date of the file and the time it was made. that is it once that is done you can play the game with anything you added in!.
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    Mmmm PokeHax huh ?

    Need to get a GW it seems.....N3DS is coming next week
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