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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by dragonblood9999, Sep 13, 2013.

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    Sep 27, 2007
    I am fuckin pissed today,

    my brother in law took a loan (a loan for his bitch of a sister that says that the money was for house repairs but the next week has a brand new car) from his bank here in Portugal(he lives in Canada now) every month he has to pay €135 to the bank and if he doesn't pay by the 9th of the month they add another €35 of late fee to pay, he sent me the money yesterday to pay for him with the late fee for this month, he always sends it before the 9th but this month he could not.

    anyways today i went to his Fuckin bank(which is the same bank i have my account in) to deposit the money into his account. the stupid bitch at the bank tells me that with the late fee it comes to over €450,that 135+ 315 for the late fee just from this month.

    I told her what the fuck last month he only had left to pay was €238.11(i have the paper at home from the bank stating this), she and bank manager(another asshole) were the ones that told me that he had this left. now she says that she did not say that, that it was the bank manager that read it wrong.

    She even logged into the pc at the bank and it shows that he has always paid on the 9th or before the 9th.

    I myself have had problem with them taking money out of my account for no reason.
    the last time they did this had, i think it was, almost €300 in my account. they took out more than what i had in there, i had bills to pay and i could not pay because i had negative, get this, €352.29.

    they removed my money for no fuckin reason and if i don't complain to them they keep it. its gotten to the point that i have to keep all my money in a psvita caring case in my room, everytime i want to buy something i have to deposit the money into my account and literally run home to make the payment or they will take it out + some if i don't use it with in 30 minutes

    IMO Portugal's bank(at least my bank) and government is fucking corrupt
    Hell people in the government have said on live tv the the best thing people can do is immigrate to other countries because things are shit here

    As soon as i got home i was swearing like crazy to my mom and dad because of how pissed i was(its very rarely that i swear) telling them what happened and yes i live with my parents at the age of 26. i make at most a month is about €300(fixing/formating pc, buying and selling stuff on the internet),of which i give more than half to my parents for rent and paying a bill or 2. i keep for myself is about €50(glad i don't smoke or drink) to buy a game or 2 when i can.

    hell for me to buy my ps3(€300) i had to save up for over a year and a half because other thing keep popping up, hospital and stuff like skin necrosis(alot of small holes and holes down to the bone at some parts) on my legs(around my ankles) from a antibiotic allergy, i uploaded a picture of the scars if anyone here does not believe me(they dont look so bad after 2 years of healling)

    this Country is the biggest reason why i am moving to Canada myself

    Anyway i am sorry for this long post i just wanted to get this off of my chest.

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