Physical Housing Differences Between GBA[US] and GBA[JP]

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    Time to try to tackle this never ending hobbyist list!

    After soldering a GameBoy SP AGS-001 screen on my GameBoy Advance Motherboard (AGS-001 chosen over the more preferred AGS-101 due to cost), I attempted to take the newly soldered US GameBoy Advance Motherboard and place it in a Gold colored aftermarket housing. After doing so, the screen displays with an abnormal color on the top left corner. This is because the soldered GBA US motherboard is too thick for the aftermarket housing, and screwing the housing shut in presses on the screen. Taking the screw out makes the screen work perfectly, but makes the aftermarket L-Button uncomfortably loose.

    Gold GBA models are found much cheaper as JP (given that the only Gold US GBA Models that exist, to my knowledge, are LE).

    So: Will a backlight modded GBA [US] motherboard fit on a GBA [JP] housing? Or should I give up hope and find a GBA [US] housing in Silver?