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    Ok - there I was clearing out some old drawers etc - & I happen to come across an old PDA (a HP iPaq hx2190b - but it has 'Windows Mobile 5' & not 'Windows Mobile 2003 SE' ) which surprizingly still worked, even when stuck under a load of 'stuff' (once I found a charging cable for it)

    I was curious on what use I could get out of it, after all there no Camera built in, or Wifi...I already have a Mobile which stores all my contacts etc .....
    The only thing it got going for it is that it has a larger screen for web browsing than the mobile (about twice the size), which I could do IF I used the bluetooth function of it with my Mobile.....

    So - out of curiousity I wondered if such a thing as a 'WiFi SD card' existed so I could use WiFi instead of bluetooth (since the PDA also has a Compact flash slot - I could used that for storage instead)

    Boy...... was I suprized to find such things DO existlike this

    Now I'm curious
    • Are these thing actually worth it ?? - or should I just chuck the PDA away ??
      Are they simple to use - as in just 'plug & play' ?? or is there a LOT of configuring to do with it ??
    So I'm asking here if anyone has ever used one of these 'WiFi SD cards' & asking their experience of them
    (I've also found out you can get these for digital cameras to turn them into 'wifi enabled' as well which sound interesting)
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    You could probably get 100USD on eBay.

    Put it towards an iPod Touch (or Archos).
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    The main wifiSD cards I know of are aimed at cameras and upload pictures via the nearest available wifi connection (got a fairly good market in journalists and protesters) although that is more just having the device power the external hardware.

    Using the reverse and having the SD bus act as a communications port (called SDIO which is a good search term) is available but I have very little experience with it and it is a speciality item of a sort although it is aimed at these sorts of devices.

    You do also have the option of linux http://www.linuxtogo.org/gowiki/IpaqHx2xxx which might help with some things.