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    Hello to all,
    i'm here to ask if there is a good repository to find PC games port to Wii.

    See quake and team fortress on youtube, how many titles are ported ?

    Thank you for any info,

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    I would love to see Team Fortress on Wii too, I love it on PC, and it just seems like a game that fits the Wii so nicely.
    The only real port I remember is Trackmania Wii, and that's not even out yet.
    There are 2 homebrew projects who have ported Quake to Wii, check them out here and here.

    Haven't tried them though.

    Also, you've got World of Goo (best WiiWare game available) and Tales of Monkey Island is of course also ported from PC to Wii. Both for WiiWare.
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    Port TF2 yourself [​IMG]