Pay N Spray of DEATH

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    Jun 29, 2009
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    so i had 6 stars in gta ds and my formula racing car's wheels get busted by one of the cop traps. i went to the nearest pay n spray an was about to go in. [ the garage door was opening] and then it said "Im not dong a respray with these cops around"...... and closes the garage door.......................

    and i just entered it................... so basically i got stuck there...... with no way of escaping..... and i just found a lions of fo before and like 15 dealers. i didnt want to turn the game off after all that. so i couldnt do anything for 15 mins.... then i found that you can just save in the system option. >:( what a waste of time.

    though this is a great way to exit the game if you find yourself stuck in any garage. i.e: duplicating a vehicle trick
  2. Burnedmagix

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    I founded out that you could save in the system option a hundred times after i got shot by the police while i was a few feet away from my safehouse. :c
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    plz dnt use 1337 tlk. It rly pises me & evry1 els off..

    Seriously, please use proper grammar.. It is very hard to understand what you are trying to say..

    And by the topic title, I thought you needed help. I didnt think you were just telling us that we could save in the menu..

    And btw, 90% of the gamers here would check to see if their was a save option in the menu, so dont post pointless crap here in future..

    Thank you
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    Where in the hell do you see him using 1337 talk?

    And his grammar might not be good, but it's better than what I've seen around here. I understood everything after reading it only once.

    And who pissed in your Cheerios today? [​IMG]