P6 clip- Where to buy?

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    Jun 30, 2009
    I bought a green replacement case for my DS Lite. My DS was used from eBay, thinking that I could get a better deal if I fix the numerous issues with it (badly scratched touch screen, top screen with tiny dots, case with noticeable smudges and missing GBA slot cover, 5 hour battery). Bad decision.

    I got my new case, replaced the touch screen, then proceeded to put everything together. While trying to align the lower LCD within the frame, I accidentally broke the tiny touch screen tab/clip/switch/P6 because I forgot it was connected. First major screw up. I had to glue back the plastic tab with hot glue. It took me like 3-4 hours and a big headache.

    Once I finished the micro surgery, it was time to put everything back in place, again. For some reason the power slider wouldn't stay in the off position. After fiddling with it, I broke the power switch. Second screw up. I had some TV repairing guy solder a new switch for me yesterday, who charged me about 8 dollars. I don't trust so much in my soldering skills but I think it was a fine price. The soldering work looks uber professional.

    Today after work I decided to put the DS together, one more time (yes, I know [​IMG]). I don't know how I did it last time, I can't put the tiny black tab in place. Since I know stress can be very harmful, I placed the black tab over the DS card slot, took a rest and went to the park with my dog.

    After taking a shower, I resumed my titanic micro surgery, only to find... that the tiny black tab is gone. Where is it, what kind of sick joke is this? No one was at home while I was gone. Oh boy...

    TL;DR: I broke the touch screen clip/switch/tab/P6 on my DS Lite and I need to finish Phoenix Wright. Where can I get a new one? Is it possible to fix this without soldering a new switch? Some dude on the internet said he used a random piece of plastic plastic instead of the black tab.
    I know that TV guy is gonna make fun of me if I bring the poor DS again, and another 8 bucks for a switch is stupid.

    I live in Mexico, so please no UK stores with crazy shipping prices. I have found that Price Angels sells the P6 for €1,69 (SKU 73811). I really need the switch but I'd like to hear some other store suggestions.
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    May 30, 2007
    I've had this problem. I never found a replacement of just the tab, but i got my dsl working for quite a while by putting the cable in and then sticking it in with a decent sized blob of blu-tack.

    It's since broken properly, so it's definatly not a long term solution, but i think it only broke because i went fiddling.

    Can't hurt to try?