Old 2DS will charge but not turn on

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    I have an Old 2DS that I hadn't picked up in a year due to it not turning on (Which I assumed to be from a dead battery). Recently I got a new battery for it and put it in, then began charging it and to my surprise, it turned on! The problem was that it didn't seem to charge past one bar and when I unplugged the charger, the red flashing LED would pop up. I could still play as long as it was plugged to the charger, but I had made a mistake and left it unplugged for a bit too long, and it lost battery completely. I had let it charge for over a day and it just wouldn't turn on. I have took out and reassembled the battery numerous times, and nothing changed. Even let the battery sit out for over five minutes and put it back in. It's needless to say that the charger works because the orange LED does show up when I plug it in, on both my 2D and 3DS. I feel there is hope for the system if it had at least charged enough for it to turn on at one point, I just hope somebody could please help me or leave suggestions to fix this.
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    Get an external Li-ion battery charger, charge that o2DS battery, and see if it'll turn on.
    Edit - If you have another known working o2DS or o3DS, you can use that instead to charge the battery before swapping back to the problematic o2DS.

    If the 2DS itself fails to charge the battery after verifying the external charger can, you'll need to find and fix whichever component that's causing the issue.
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