Obscure: The Aftermath

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    I was just browsing the DS release dates on IGN and stumbled over this one. Now, I'm aware of the PS2 game and the port to Wii, but I had yet to hear any mention of a DS version. However, lo and behold, there it was listed for release in Sept. Was wondering if anyone else had caught wind of the game and has any more info about it. Sure, it wasn't touted to be great elsewhere, but it could be a good bit of M-rated fun on the go. [​IMG]
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    Yeah I noticed this one too, just recently someone had made a topic on games that you were looking forward to in the next couple of months and this was one that I listed. The only problem is now when I search for it I can't find nothing about at all, there's a game called Obscure: Dark Aura listed for release next year.
    I was really getting hyped for this, hoping at last we would have a good DS horror game for the west but now I don't know.
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    I guess this game is just.. Obscure