Nyko 3DS Battery Problem

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    I've noticed something odd...and rather annoying about the Nyko battery. It doesn't charge properly when the 3DS is still on. At least, not when it's left on with a DS game active. Putting it on the charger, while closed with Pokemon White still on, the charger lit up and everything normal...wake up about 8 hours later, the light is STILL red. So I thought, okay, I've noticed the 3DS doesn't handle the battery properly anyway(Both Pokemon White and the 3DS themselves never detect a full charge with this battery), so it probably has a full charge anyway.

    So I leave it on, doing nothing for about...3 hours. I come back to it, both the power light and notification light are blinking red. It's already just about dead. Little by little, I'm really regretting purchasing this battery...

    Also, a second question, about a minute or two after you set the 3DS on the Nyko charger cradle, does anyone see a white flash of light come from one of the charge status lights on the cradle?
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    Haven't used the 3DS battery pack from Nyko, but I had numerous problems with their DSL battery pack, to the point of having to get a new DSL because the battery would only charge with the Nyko battery pack plugged in. It killed a few of my charge cables. I wouldn't recommend their battery packs.
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    ya mutha
    OK SO IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THE FLASHING WHITE LIGHTS LOL, i thought i was seein shit. maybe its a notification?
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    That's weird. Isn't the Nyko battery just a regular battery but larger and with a separate charging port? Have you tried using the nintendo charging cable while in game with the Nyko battery?
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    I had a similar problem with my Power Pak+, but it didn't seem to charge properly when the 3DS was off. I had it on the charger until the light turned green, then shit off the cradle. Not sure if it didnt charge properly or that leaving it in the cradle while it was off somehow drained the battery.