[NX][HOMEBREW]Expresso CFW make_mii_day installer

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    Sep 19, 2013
    Hello eofers gbatempers today i present you the first ever released homebrew for the nintendo NX
    i know what you are thinking.. the NX is so new it has super security how can homebrew be released on day 0.... (actually instead of zero should be a negative number but i don't know the nx release date)

    but trust me, this is legit and i even am releasing this on the right section!

    So, what is this?
    well with this homebrew on the NX you will be able to install the amazing make_mii_day firmware to the wii u.
    this amazing firmware lets you do everything you want on the wii u.
    some examples on what you will be able to do:
    1. load backups.
    2. homebrew,
    3. plugins.
    4. cheats.
    5. savestates
    6. get rid of miiverse and replace it with facehole, yet another "totally original and new" social network which happens to be a rip off straight from facebook
    +1000 unlocked secret options, tweaks and extras including:
    give your mii platinum or diamond pants.
    Pedometer function restored back, (like the 3ds, you can take your wii u system for a walk)
    you don't require wii u gamepad anymore for system settings.
    and more!

    and the full package includes a new revolutionary homebrew!
    a massage app with a new dimension that was never seen!
    you can display videos on your wii u gamepad from that famous website. and using 2 up to 4 wii motes and 2 rubber bands you can make a bundle of wii motes and use their vibration motors for an extreme stressing moment so you will relax the whole day!
    the user can also use this setup (bundle of wii motes attached to your male part) to play a new type of shooter game not included on this release

    so, migles if you did homebrew for NX, why you don't make iso loader or kernel exploit, why you did all this thing for wii u???
    good question mate.
    because no one loves the wii u, and i want make sure it gets loads of love, thus i don't have skills to do this on the NX

    [release comming soon]
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    Aug 31, 2015
    Actually, it's like day -150 or something.
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