Now what to do... (Transfer problem) <or atleast what i think>

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    Feb 1, 2016
    So, i'm attemtping a dsiware, did the transfer from the o3ds a9lh to the new 3ds, with PC based transfer, so.... when the transfer finished, i removed my sd card from my o3ds and then placed it on the new(first i removed the sd it already had)

    Then i proceeded to restart the system and i got this: This message appears when the process couldn't complete, even after turning off and back on the console -continue-

    Use a computer to erase all data from this console microSD before copying the data from source console SD -back- -continue-

    Insert the sd card with the source console data in this console and turn it on -confirm instructions-

    Confirm that you have understood the instructions before turning off the console and extract the microSD
    (´I translated all of this from spanish, but i hope you know this)

    So..... what should I do? Should i insert my source sd card in my pc and then copy all of that to a safe location and then proceed to insert the other sd card and transfer to that from the safe location?

    Like... the hacked.sav is in the source sd lol, why would it tell me to delete

    I just don't know how to proceed, (not sure on what to do)

    Hope you can help me , i don't want to screw it up! :D
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    Aug 16, 2013
    Yeah, I was confused by this step too since it kept looping.

    Just shut down the target N3DS, ensure you have a microSD card with the data from the source 3DS and power it on.
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