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    So wasn't there some breakthrough recently where you 100% don't need jailbreak devices since now homebrew can be signed?

    So can I upgrade from the firmware my PS3 started out with (the version people use for jailbreaking) to the latest firmware, since signed homebrew can be used to run ISOs and emulators I'm guessing works on all firmware versions? If so, I wanna upgrade so it posts my trophies on facebook :3.

    Or do people still, even within 4 months from now, need a jailbreak device (no clue what that even means, I just bought a PS3 for Christmas and I never had a PS1 or PS2 either) to run ISOs and emulator apps? And if so, feel free to link or tell me what the cheapest things I need to buy in order to get my PS3 to run homebrew stuff and ISO loaders :3.
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    All you need for now is to update to 3.55. Then you can either update to Geohotz CFW, Waninkoko CFW(can brick), Wutangrza or w/e his name was CFW and now Kmeaw CFW.

    Geohotz and Kmeaw are the safest options though.
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    For running homebrew, you no longer need a jailbreak device. Every CFW comes with a "packet installer" for installing homebrew. If that's all you need, you can probably just go with KaKoRoTo's CFW.

    For running backups, jailbreak devices still has the best compatibility (at least from what I've heard). GeoHot's CFW can run MultiMan but has limited compatibility (I've heard it requires patching the games). Waninkoko's CFW has much higher compatibility (I've heard it only has a few problems) but hundreds of PS3s have been bricked trying to install it so most people are afraid to try that route now. kmeaw's CFW has to be installed over GeoHot's CFW and apparantly provides the same level of compatability as the original Jailbreak MultiMan without risking bricks (only one brick reported so far, with many reports of success), but it's only just come out so a better method will probably be figured out soon.

    As you can tell, there's lots going on in the scene with so many different people working on their own CFW versions. Give it a month and jailbreak devices will be completely obsolete.

    Also, no links - it'd prolly break the rules.
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    He is asking for a self contained and signed eboot that can do all the stuff CFWs file to just run on a unmodded ps3.