1. QLeap

    OP QLeap Member

    Sep 25, 2008
    United States
    When Waninkoko's cIOS36 rev09 came out, I've also implemented CIOS patchmii installer clone with IOS37 for Korean Key support.

    but the discompatiblitiy of ES module of IOS37 with EHCI custom module which is applied to cIOS36 rev09, it crashs every time while loading this IOS.

    Not sure whether these caused by different memory map or syscall vectors, I may fix the problem someday, but I don't have enough time to concentrate on it in my real life.

    So I decided to stop developing cIOS clone with IOS37 for Korean discs support.

    I finally release cios37 patchmii installer rev08.1 and geckoos 1.07b mod05.1 for my Korean friends.

    this cios installs cios37 rev08 as IOS49, and this geckoos plays game discs with this IOS49. it still compatible with IOS249 and IOS36. if IOS49 is empty in your Wii, it will loads IOS249, or IOS36.

    All files include source and dol files:
    Download: cios_patchmii_installer-rev08.1.zip
    Download: geckoos_1.07b_mod05.1.zip
  2. djleekor

    djleekor Newbie

    Apr 9, 2009
    I'am so sorry to meet this one as a Korean.
    But I have to say I appreciate your kindest works.
    I'll remember you as a great friend with all the Korean Wii users.
    Thank you so much.
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