no$gba 2.7c released

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    Martin Korth had finally released his new version of No$gba 2.7c

    Donate by his site:


    Though 2.7c is now officially available for free, "Do consider to Donate him in support of his work"

    No$gba 2.7c Changelog: 28 July 2014

    I've released no$gba v2.7c today, the major changes are:
    1) The whole project is now freeware. Both gaming version and debug version are free,
    including the latest updates.
    2) The internal memory system has been completely rewritten.
    Benefits are that some cases may run a bit faster, and that it's
    expandable for more complex memory maps (such like for future DSi support).
    Drawback is that I might have got some bugs into it.
    Please let me know if any games that have been working in older versions stopped working in v2.7c!
    3) The snapshot feature is now finally also supporting NDS savestates (instead of only GBA ones).
    I hope that the feature is really loading/saving the entire state of the NDS hardware
    (I tried to work carefully, but I might have forgotten to save one or two bits).
    Please let me know if snaps don't work for some NDS games (or worse: if GBA snaps should have
    stopped working).
    28 Jul 2014 - version 2.7c
    - webpage: moved from to
    - freeware: both no$gba gaming version and debug version are now fully freeware,
    donations are welcome and valuable support
    (I am working fulltime on no$xxx emulation projects without any other income)
    - snapshots: supports savestates in NDS mode (formerly supported for GBA only)
    - nds/snd: replaced nds_snd_getnext_proc by "proc_id" (snapshot compatibility)
    - gaming version: allows to access recent files menu without cartridge loaded
    - mem: forces gba-slot region to be 00h-filled on deselected cpu (arm7 or arm9)
    - help: nds mem control: notes on gba-slot deselection, and gba-slot open bus
    - help: major cosmetic changes to arm/thumb cpu chapters (parts from no$sns)
    - cpu: exported arm disassembler and arm cpu engine to external include files
    - snapshot: re-included bg2/bg3_refx/y registers (for gba and BOTH nds-engines)
    - snapshot: does freshen_waitcnt_raw before emu-run (needed after snaploading)
    - snapshot: snap-saver skips empty chunks (eg. unused NDS chunks in GBA mode)
    - cpu: supports ldmd/stmd direction (increasing, NOT decreasing) (classic nes)
    - cartloader/gui: reinit game-window size when switching between gba/nds mode
    - mem: with_new_memory_system (completely new memory system: now using separate
    small macros per memory region, instead of old giant all-in-one macro, this
    does resolve a terrible mess, does speed-up source code assembling, and does
    speed-up NDS tcm/wram emulation, and allows to add DSi memory areas in future)
    - snapshot: added new snapshot/battery sna/sav compression option (as in no$psx)
    - setup/sound: volume slider (optionally hardware/mixer or software/multiply)
    - a22i: fixed ".fill" directive (destroyed ecx when fetching 2nd/3rd parameter)
    - help: added "GBA Cart Protections" chapter (namely about "classic nes" stuff)
    - nds: allows nds7bios intrwait bios-bug with any incoming lz77-random values
    - nds: allows jmp to 05ECh without warning (can be used for dumping NDS7 bios)
    - gba: forces rom-mirror (instead "increasing numbers") for "classic nes" series
    - gba: forces eeprom (no flash/sram) for "classic nes" series (game code "Fxxx")
    - mem: moved misaligned_mem_reads to subfunction level (instead macro level)
    - xboo: recognizes DSi's 128K flash id (allows to dump/patch wifi calibration)
    - help: added note on ldmd/stmd transfer order (uses increasing addr for rlist!)
    - help: corrected wifi calibration chapter (version is at 040h, not at 044h)
    - web: changed no$gba forum link:
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