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  • It was in Visual Studio 2015, following the build guide on the official GitHub. I really just want the frame limiting. Curse this 144hz monitor. lol
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    I'm trying to build your citra repo from the latest commit as of writing, and video_core fails to build with "error C2228: left of '.Value' must have class/struct/union" at line 206 of src\video_core\shader\shader.cpp. I've been able to compile the official repo just fine, but your repo fails for me every time.

    Here's the function from shaders.cpp if you want a quick look: http://pastebin.com/VaHmV7Sp
    Warning level don't go down for doing some think good...
    I had a question for you. Using you build of Citra, in Pokemon USUM, I get an intense amount of lag when entering a battle, or on the intro screen. Is there any known fix for this? Thank you.
    Nope sorry, only a merger, not really a coder to know.
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