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Apr 28, 2009
Plz plz plz help me out..

I have spent many days on the net, searching for what could help me fix my wii problem, have read about ios anf cios etc, but still doesnt understand what to do...

a couple of years ago, I bought a wii, with wiikey. A few months later, my brother decided to buy one too, and I think I remember that there was a "change" in wiis, and that he got a different chip than me?

Anyway, I recently bought wiifit, and of course I upgraded (without knowing the consequenses)
After hours of trying and failing, I acually managed to downgrade it, followed some guide, and all my games are working fine.

My brother have bought wiifit too now, and as wise as I have become I prevented him from alowing the wii to update(he didnt have homebrew channel either)

We doesnt live in the same city, and I have by telephone support guided him through installing homebrew channel, and cios downgrader-so that he know has version 3.2e (he had 2 something)
But every game he tries to start, goes black...the games are super smash bros, mario kart, raving rabbits, familiski and the wiifit itself...

Please help me understand what Im doing wrong, and tell me what I can do to make it work..
Im tempted to let wiifit upgrade(I have installed dvd update block with starfall), and than try to downgrade, since it worked for me..

I dont know which chip he has, but Im sure he hasnt upgraded it since he got it..
could that cause the black screen?
Is there a program that can run, so I can get to know which chip he has? (so I can update it for him)

I will be extremly thankful for any help, as it feels my head is about to explode soon...

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