Nippon-yasan problems

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    Dec 24, 2014
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    I ordered a New 3ds ll from nippon-yasan on the 27th and realized a few hours later that they had closed for the holidays and wouldn't process orders until the 5th.
    That sort of sucked, but I should have read the banner on the front page instead of just clicking through.
    So on the 4th my order changed to "Preparation in progress".
    It's now the end of the working day on the 12th and my order is still in "Preparation in progress".
    I contacted them through live chat on the 9th and after waiting about 30 minutes for someone to answer I got a useless copy paste response about how the orders will be processed in the order they came in.
    I ordered just a few hours after they closed so I should be near the top of thel ist of orders to process yet it's over a week after they re-opened and it hasn't even shipped.
    Has anyone else ordered anything from them during or after their break?
    If so, what is the status of your order?

    Really frustrated by this especially since I ordered with the highest cost shipping (~$30) that they claimed 2-3 days for delivery and they changed the status to "Preparation in progress" before they even re-opened so there was no chance to cancel the order.

    EDIT: shipped today, the 13th, estimated delivery is the 17th
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    well sure, maybe they were busy, time to ship is not the same as delivery time, it's annoying i know.
    they seem to be a good company so i am sure you will get your 3ds, sorry about the wait.