1. ppzikos

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    Jun 18, 2020
    This is ALL pinout for touchscreen , good luck at all!!

    Touchscreen gamecard reader.jpg Touchscreen motherboard 2 .jpg Touchscreen CPU.jpg

    UPGRADED and I correct several errors, now full info!

    mesure on worked switch:
    Nintendo switch power ON :
    10 1.8v
    11 1.8V
    26 1.8v
    12 1.8v
    25 1.8v
    13 2.9v

    Nintendo switch power STAND BY :
    10 1.8v
    11 1.8V
    26 1.8v
    12 0v
    25 0v
    13 0v

    There is 2 resistor pull up for touchscreen i2c , it's 1Kohm.

    if you remove game card reader, on pull up resistor there is 0.4v diode mode on multimeter. ( this is diode of soc tegra )
    (reverse diode measurement > the + multimeter on the gnd of the motherboard and the gnd of the multimeter on the pull up resistor)
    sorry if you dont understand this... no speak english.

    On my defect switch , the connector and pull up scl have bad solder. , and now my touchscreen work!

    bonne chance les amis!
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  2. Dannz

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    Jan 3, 2021
    i just wanted to share some photos and my findings with repairing a water damaged Game Card Reader.
    Touch screen was not working with the faulty reader.
    So i checked for the above mentioned power rails and found out, that a rail was broken at a point where was water damage. The rail was cut from one hole to the other hole on the other side (see photos).
    I fixed it with a wire through the hole which i soldered in place.
    Game Card Reader and touch screen working again. Hooray! :-)
    Thanks ppzikos for the hint!

    20210425_152343.jpg 20210425_152452.jpg 20210425_152536.jpg
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