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    Feb 26, 2021
    Hey guys.

    First things first… sorry if my English is not perfect, im from Germany.

    My nephew gave me his Switch and asked me to repair it.
    He told me that the switch suddenly shut down, with a bright light on the display. After that, the Switch wont charge or start…Nothing.

    After watching a few videos about repairing nintendo switch consoles, i decided to change first the Usb-c port because it seems to be bent, the ac cable was also bent. I also bought a new battery and a new Ac Cable.

    After replacing this components the Switch starts booting, i thinked it was fixed.
    But then the error “2101-0001” occured.
    And in fact i watched a lot of videos on youtube, i knew i have to check the caps around the ic’s and look at this…shorts around the m92t36 chip, so i changed it, but that also didnt helped.
    While replacing the m92t36 chip, i’ve lost the 0201 cap, left to the ic, i’ve asked in a forum and the guys told me "its not the issue, the switch will start whithout this cap.

    Ok then i decided to replace the bq24913 chip.

    Well…the 2101-0001 error is gone, but the switch wont boot.
    After the “Nintendo” Logo, i get a blackscreen.

    I have no shorts around the 3 Power ic’s.

    Maybe this side Information will be important for you guys:
    While i replacing the bq24913 chip, Flux went into the port for the left slide rail.
    I noticed that after turning the Switch on.

    I dont know what to do please help me!
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