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    Nov 19, 2019
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    Hey there!

    I'm picking up a Nintendo Switch for my girlfriend as a Christmas present but I know shockingly little about the system. I'd greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions for a buy with little prior knowledge. Thanks!
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    Feb 21, 2016
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    The switch is an awesome console. Can't recommend it enough. The Nintendo first party games are great, the ports are great. Again it's a fantastic little device.

    If you're going with a new one you should decide if she's more into playing on the TV or portably. You can get a switch lite which is portable only, a little smaller in size but also in price ~$199.99 I'm sure shell enjoy. If she wants to keep the ability to switch between TV and handheld get a regular switch for ~$299.99

    There are 2 (well 3) types of regular switches. Early models that are in white boxes that are vulnerable to a permanent hack I'll discuss later, the patched units in white boxes that at this time are not vulnerable (unless you score a unit with firmware 4.1 which you can use caffeine), and red box revisions with improved battery life, truer color display, but also no released exploits at this time. If you don't care about mods or custom firmware, go with a red box switch as that increased battery life alone is worth it.

    If you're looking for an exploitable console that you can load emulators on or run Linux or android. I recommend scowering eBay for a console that you can check the serial number on that is hackable. If you look hard you can score one used around $270

    You check what consoles are exploitable with the link below:

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