Nintendo explains European Brawl wait

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    Nintendo explains Euro Brawl wait
    Other games and additional languages to blame...

    Nintendo Europe's senior marketing director Laurent Fischer has blamed the Smash Brothers delay on the sheer amount of titles Nintendo is currently producing for Europe.

    "You need to see it title by title," he told Official Nintendo Magazine. "It's the same team, the same pool of teams, that have been localising and that have been proofing.

    "But localisation is only one thing: production is another thing also, because at the moment we are not just producing Smash Bros for Europe, we're producing hundreds of first party games and third party games for locations all over the world."

    Fischer said that Nintendo also had to record six different sets of voices for some characters, which added to the time needed. Good going considering most of the characters in Nintendo games are unintelligible anyway.

    "I realise that from time to time we have still been disappointing some people," Fischer added. "We know that we are still not reaching the expectations of all the people, but we're really doing our best to resolve this."

    Source: CVG

    Wait, did you just say hundreds?

    Funny, I count 92 titles from both Wii and DS from when the DS first launched. Oh, and why are you waiting until after the game has launched to start translating? I mean really, come on now, you should re-organise the way things are done and translate this stuff the same time as the americans are translating it. It's not like you have one guy saying the same line in 7 different languages, is it? And in britain, the voice actors are completely the same! So that's one language already done. I'm sure adding in the extra 'u' every now and again must be incredibly tiring, though. Oh, and I don't see how producing games in Japan is affecting games produced in Europe, and if it is, you need to seriously rethink how you do things...
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    The characters have different voices!? Didn't know that..

    Do they redub Mario in italian? [​IMG]
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    It's for the Pokemon characters.

    Happened in the European version of Smash Bros Melee where you throw a pokeball and depending on the language you play, the name they shout out is probably to coincide with the TV version.
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    Bah, thank god for the freeloader!
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    Europe always gets shafted.
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    b0ll0x [​IMG]
    and why was it pushed back twice ? they could not find the guys to make the voice of pikachu in all 5 languages ?

    and i repeat. b0ll0x
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    THey have to translate to half a dozen languages, that is not exactly a quick task, like the OP would suggest.
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    A dozen?
    It has been translated to english for AGES!
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    See, no one likes Europe, they always get all the good games a month to a year after they come out in the states. True story. Hell, the US is getting Etrian Odyssey II on 6/17 while Europe is getting Etrian Odyssey (The first one folks) on 6/06. That was merely an example, but it seems to be common with game releases.
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    more like excuses, explanation my ass, nintendo will have to try much harder than that
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    its not just england remember, they have to do all the european languages.
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    They don't have to , they choose to. There is nothing stopping them releasing a English only version straight away for UK and Australia and anyone else who speaks English , hell even make it 60Hz only if they want. Done it before, bonus disc that came with Zelda was 60Hz only. Then work on a Multi X version for release at later date , you want it in a different language , you wait. That's how it works every where else , want a Japanese game in English you wait , or learn Japanese , you want a English game in French , German etc , you wait , don't drag everyone else who can speak English with you. There you go , problem sorted , but that would just be far too easy and would mean they wouldn't have all these great excuses.

    Could always just translate from Japanese to English , French , German etc at the same time , plenty of other companies manage it and apart from a few isolated cases , most games on the ps3 and xbox 360 seem to get out in both regions in decent time.

    Then there is the third option , leave it as it , but take note from sony , make the console region free. Then you can piss about with euro dates all you like , and most won't get annoyed as they can just get the import.