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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by kristianity77, Mar 10, 2009.

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    Hi all

    i bought a wii a few weeks ago, didnt really even turn it on hardly, just sent it away to be modded as i didnt trust myself. Its come back to me with a Wiikey 2 in it. So far so good.

    Wii games ive tried (Mario Sunshine, Zack And Wiki, Okami, Samba De Amigo, Super Paper Mario, Metroid Prime 3 to name a few) all work flawlessly. Pop the disc in, click on disc channel and away you go.

    But for gamecube i just cannot get this to work properly. I downloaded the correct wiikey config disc and checked the settings were all good (region free on, disc speeds etc, audio checks) and this seems fine.

    My problem is i cant hardly get anything to work. The only one i have managed to get to work is Wind Waker. Here are my problems with ones ive tried:

    Mario Sunshine - Shows up in disc channel as GC game. Click to load, black screen with green line accross bottom left of screen. System hangs

    Metroid Prime - (NTSC and PAL) Game starts, videos wont play. Sound is fine, but no picture other than "PRESS START"

    Paper Mario Thousand Year Door - Again, shows in disc channel as GC game. Wont start, black screen.

    These are the only three i have tried so far as i think im missing a trick or something. I thought GC games just "ran" like Wii ones do (its advertised as autoboots GC backup, import etc) so why isnt it?

    Both Mario And Paper Mario work in a friends Gamecube that is chipped so i cant understand why it wont work on my wii.

    Also may be worth noting in case it matters ive got no homebrew set up or anything, just the wiikey chip. And my system is the same as when i bought it 3.4

    Can anyone shed any light?
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    I've had lots of problems with gamecube games too.

    They will generally work if you use GCOS to boot the discs - but my suggestion would be to use GameCube MultiGame ISO Creator v3.2.4F -;postcount=1

    This will let you put multiple gamecube games on a disc, patch the region/video mode and load them through GCOS. Using this, I have been able to launch all my games without issue.

    Good Luck!