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Mar 16, 2014
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Hi all, I'm DRGN (Durgan) from the SSBM modding community on SmashBoards (the Melee Workshop). I've been working on a couple of programs for the past year or so, and I thought I'd start sharing them to other game modding communities. They were initially designed specifically for SSB Melee, so you'll see some functionality specific to that, but over time I've widened support of primary features to cover other GameCube and Wii games as well.

There are mainly two programs that might be useful to you:

DAT Texture Wizard (DTW). This program works on both ISO/GCM disc images, and DAT files. For game discs, it can import/replace or extract/remove files or folders, build new discs from a root folder, modify disc details (such as GameID, titles, descriptions, banner, etc.), shrink discs, allow you to easily view the binary of any file, and more. For games/files that store textures in the same way as Melee (plus a little bit of variation to that), it also allows you to easily view/import/export textures. Mipmap textures are supported as well, and it has some convenient features for working with them more easily. You can even import files (even start.dol) into a disc that are much larger than the original file, something that other programs like GCR cannot do.

The Melee Code Manager (MCM). This is a program to manage DOL mods, such as ASM injection mods, or direct static code overwrites. It also supports Gecko codes, and more advanced methods of writing codes for games, to optimize the amount of space available in a DOL for custom code injections. All mods added to the program's library are presented to the user in an easy-to-use interface, which allows you to simply toggle each mod you want to install or uninstall from your game. One of the benefits of this method of adding codes over just using Gecko codes is that it should be much more efficient (though I don't have benchmarking figures yet; lmk if you'd like to help with that). Any GameCube or Wii game that uses a DOL for the main executable should work. Please see the spoiler in the second post on how to configure it for use with a different game. When applying Gecko codes, the Gecko codehandler and codelist are stored within the DOL itself, so the disc and your mod is completely standalone, with no extra files.
These are some brief descriptions here. If anything sounds interesting, check out the program's full thread for more info. I don't have enough posts on this site yet to post links, but if you Google the program names you should be able to find them right away (they're the first result for me). (If a moderator reads this, could you please add the links to this post? You could add them to the highlighted program names and remove this and the last sentence. Thanks!) DTW also comes with a ReadMe.txt file with a lot of information.

If you try these out and you have any successes or problems, please let me know! It would be nice to have a good list of what features work for various games. I will definitely respond more readily over on Smashboards, in one of those two threads, but I will try to check in here occasionally too. I have considered merging the main non-game-specific functionalities of these two programs into one; let me know what you think of that idea, and if it's popular I may do that in the future, once I've completed some other projects.

Hope you guys can get some good use out of these! ^_^

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