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    Oct 29, 2015
    I bought it yesterday because it was very cheap. 21€.
    i don't ahave a ps vita.
    What I would like to do with this ps tv is:
    -play with all the ps vita games I have received from 2 and a half years of psn plus subscription
    -remote play ps4 games

    i connected it this morning and got a message saying I have to update. But I know how things go and turned it off to see if there was any hack available for the thing.
    I found whitelist hack which would be very useful to me.
    My pstv is on 3.20 so I should be ok, shouldn't I?
    What are the steps to do this? how can I download ps vita games from psn if I don't update?
    Also... Is there some hack regarding remote play? What I would like to do is playing remotely from a different network (when I'm not at home) is it possible?
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    You can't access any PSN-related features under the latest firmware on the PSTV. Unfortunately, you will have to purschase/use a PS3 to download content from PSN/PS Store, and then transfer them to the PSTV through Content Manager.

    To do content transfer between a PC and the PSTV, you will need to use QCMA instead of the official CMA, because it can prevent the update nag from occuring and preventing you from transferring content. It can also transfer everything the official CMA can't transfer.

    Unfortunately, that will require the latest firmware, no matter what. :(

    I think it is possible to do officially (I don't know if it applies to PS4 or not; I definitely know you can remote play your PS3 away from home), but again, it will require the latest firmware, and you can't avoid it.

    So basically, all you can do on a 3.20 PSTV is play PSP backups, use the hidden Package Installer app, transfer PSN content from a PS3 to the PSTV, and do every hack that uses the email exploit (such as registry hacks).

    If I were you, if you are not interested in playing PSP backups in the process as well, I would just apply the PSTV whitelist hack, and then update to the latest firmware, where you can access your Remote Play features away from home, and also redownload your PS+ and PSN games straight from the PSTV.

    But, the choice is up to you.
    I will leave you with this link, which will probably answer more of your questions than what I have:
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  3. matice

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    Oct 29, 2015
    Thanks for answering
    No interest in psp backups as I already have a psp with cfw.
    I also own a ps3 with cfw to transfer files and games if needed
    So I can apply the whitelist hack on 3.20 and then update to 3.60 without losing it?
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  4. mexspeed

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    Jan 5, 2016
    yeah if you apply the whitelist hack it should work, i havent tested it myself cause im still deciding if i should update my 3.51 vita or my 3.51 pstv to 3.60 for recent games