New PMU* Server Incoming!

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    *PMU stands for Pokemon Mystery Universe, an online Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fangame.

    I am encountering hostility on both the forums and on the game's chat (I was permamuted there), in varying degrees, for various imagined (and real) slights/offenses.

    I'm not even allowed to advertise or announce that I intend to start my own server on their forums. I was warned by a user named Carlos for doing so on that site.

    Therefore, I take my announcement onto this site, where I feel it will be more welcomed, rather than ridiculed/silenced.

    Any help would be appreciated in getting my server off the ground. I need to spark some competition (and resulting innovation) in both servers.

    I already have (most of) the necessary tools for completing this undertaking. The resulting mapping would take me months, by myself. Therefore, if anyone is willing to lend me a hand I would be most grateful.

    PMU7, you're not going to be the only PMD game in town anymore...enjoy your monopoly while it lasts...heh heh.