New official Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer due out tomorrow, as Nintendo issues takedown notices to pre release leaks


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are almost here, but while fans wait, there's still more to tease before their release date, both from Nintendo themselves, or leakers who have early copies. A new official trailer will debut tomorrow, and will likely be the last teaser before Scarlet and Violet launch on November 18th. It's set to go live at 6am PT, and will be available on the official Pokemon YouTube channel. Meanwhile, despite not being out yet, some lucky individuals have gotten their hands on the game.

An assortment of screenshots and recordings from a Spanish language copy of Scarlet/Violet cropped up online, and lasted about a day before Nintendo went after them with takedown notices. The initial leaker hasn't been active since showing off game footage, which included an evolution of one of the starters--Fuecoco--and some brand new Pokemon, like "Flamigo" and "Tarountula". At the time of writing, the games have not been dumped, though more leaks are expected, as is the case with any high-profile impending Nintendo Switch title release.

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Nov 11, 2021
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Whats the point, any idiot should know that this is just going to be like the tech demo they crapped out as a game, but this time actually have something to do other than run around an entire massive empty map repeating the same thing over and over.

Pretty much exactly like BotW sequel, but due to the first tech demo having too much DLC ideas to later add to the game, they decided to crap out another game and its loyal sheep blindly lap this crap up.

The switch has yet again been another piss poor console, failing to uphold nintendonts promise of better support including third parties.

And all we seem to be getting are lazy tech demos, recycled last gen ports and third party titles nintendo failed to get first time round due to the usual cheapness of nintendont releasing inferior hardware.

Even its first party has been lame, if its not the usual rinse repeat recycled crap, it litrally is ported wii u titles - which even that were lazy ports from the gamecube....

Mario kart was another perfect example of, lets just release a new game but provide nothing new until later when we can be bothered, lets charge customers full price and later actually provide something new but charge our sheep even more by doing it as DLC.

They deserve to have their shit leaked, its about time the wool is pulled from the loyal sheeps eyes and see the fact they should stop ripping gamers off. We already paid for a "new game" not a tech demo for you to later re release the same shit again but this time include what should have already been in the game to start with.
Sorry for the late reply but reading this gave me flashbacks of late night nerd rage with my AVGN-esque friends. Good stuff.


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Dec 30, 2013
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Sorry for the late reply but reading this gave me flashbacks of late night nerd rage with my AVGN-esque friends. Good stuff.
This guy can only complain, he never finds anything to be good
Just ignore him...
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