New Hermes cIOS222 V5 Not Working With Latest GX

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by reymomo99, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. reymomo99

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    Just in Case of Anyone Having The Same Problem as Me.
    Since installing New Hermes cIOS222 v5 and Waninkoko cIOSX v18, USB Loader GX Show all My Games but none of them wanted to play.
    BTW I'm on 4.2U. I started Tweaking everything, up to the point that I was gonna reinstall everything, with Modify any Wii Guide.
    Then I Install Hermes cIOS222 v4 and everything was OK again.
    On the USB Loader GX Google Code Page it says "Hermes rev5 support is here". I'm on rev919 of GX and it didn't work.
    Like with every Update, I guess it's better to stay put, read, read and read, then Update.
    I Hope This Help Somebody.

    Maybe not everybody is experiencing this problem.
  2. DKAngel

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    sure your loader was loading the hermes cios and not 249?
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    yeah im pretty sure its an issue with 249, rev18. i installed cios57rev18 and gx would not boot for me. other problems as well. so i reverted back to rev17 its better right now, although 18 will be better in the future i think, mainly because of choice of ios to customize.