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  1. neotank19

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    I'm looking to buy a new ds lite on ebay and I see a lot that are being sold from china. Does anyone know if these are legit or some kind of knock-offs. I don't want to spend alot of money for an imitation. Any information you can share is appreciated. Thanks.
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    those are all refurbished (no matter if it's coming from China, or US), they take motherboard and the screens from old used system and put them in new replacement shell cases, then sell as New, so you get old system (guts) in new 3rd-party casing. The real new DS Lite, that hasn't been used will cost over $100
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  3. neotank19

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    Oh I'm willing to spend the big bucks I just want to find a legitimate one. Unfortunately ebay has a lot of scammers.
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    If you get scammed on eBay, you get your money back AND you get to keep whatever they sent you, whether it's fake, broken, etc.
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    Check out Amazon. I got mine there. The seller even included an r4. It was 40 bucks. I lucked out. Maybe you will too!
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    I do have spare DS Lites, but I'm not sure I am willing to sell them (they are all genuine Nintendo Australia stock). If I do, they won't cost less than 200 USD (in other words, 3DS prices). Australian boxed units come with an AC adapter that is 240V, which typically means it only works in 220/240V countries. As far as i know NIntendo are too cheap to offer worldwide voltage AC adapters (or maybe they just like not to label them as such) but USB charger cables are available on ebay for about a dollar.

    The reason I got spares was that I missed out on the Game Boy Color / GBA / Gamecube era (I would love to have some of that original hardware now). Chasing up new retail stock is a pain once they are no longer being made, and newer hardware isn't necessarily better in all areas, even if it's backward compatible. I have never really been interested in second-hand. Anyway, I decided that I wasn't going to let good portable hardware pass me by again.

    DS Lite is still my favourite way to play DS games. Perfect portable size. No silly features (camera, etc). GBA slot. DSi made improvements with louder sound and slightly bigger screens (at the cost of increasing the size of the unit) but no GBA slot. DSi also don't have a silly gloss outside surface which I like, so these are definitely worth chasing up as well in my opinion. Then there is the DSi XL (better sound, better battery life, bigger size, gloss outside surface, larger screens, bigger pixels..some like these things, some hate it). All will play DS games at proper native resolution, which is great.
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    I like mine so much I carry it with me to work. Don't tell my boss.
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    I like it