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    I Just finished installing my new D2Pro w/ Wii-Clip on my D2C Wii (The Chip has the D2E Blue Sticker) and I tried a backup before doing anything else. It came up on screen with a "?" saying it couldn't read the disk. [​IMG]

    Am I supposed to use the utility disk first before I try to play stuff? [​IMG]
    If so, Am I supposed to rename "" to "d2pro9_utilitydisc_usa_v1.6.iso" and burn that?
    If I decompress "" I get d2pro9_utilitydisc_usa_v1.6.iso.bz2" then if I decompress that, d2pro9_utilitydisc_usa_v1.6.iso.bz2.cpgz"

    And I cant do a firmware upgrade without D2Prog right?

    It could be the disk because I used a cheap "HP DVD-R 16x" Disk, burned at 2x with "Liquid Burn" on Mac OSX 10.5 (I Cant burn at 4x for some reason [​IMG] ).
    In Liquid CD i Chose the "Other" option, "Disk Image" from the drop menu then loaded .iso file, burned to DVD-R at 2x (With no other boxes checked except for the eject one)

    Should I try burning With "Toast 9"?
    How do I burn Image files with Toast?

    Any Help is appreciated [​IMG]
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    Oct 8, 2008
    insert a backed up game and see if it plays. if it does, close the thing up and dont worry about it. if it shows signs of inching or has eject issues, you will need to reprogram the chip to the latest 2.3/1.6 firmware.
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    You want to download the Utility Disc 1.6 because it just flashes the chip and might help something. Also where did you buy it from because ModChipCentral has updated all of there D2Pros so they should work fine. Maybe you did something wrong also?