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    Hi GBAtemp people,

    I've seen this site over and over so i finally made a account to it, now i keep seeing this little avatar pics, could some1 tell me how to put one of my avatars up? I havent fingured it out yet. I think thats pretty much all the questions i have for now, feel free to email me or even post a youtube video up to show or tell me how to use the avatar function. e-mail me at
    for information and also throw in other things that i should be aware of.


    mlwy45 (in caps MLWY some guys get confused on my L thinking its a 1 or i.)

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    oh yea i have a medal next to my name, some1 plz tell me bout that as well thanx
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    Go here
    You can have an avatar no larger than 100x140 pixels.
    Make it in photoshop or something (or just get your pic from google or w/e) and put the URL in the box. If you made the avatar yourself, upload it to like tinypic or photobucket or w/e. I believe if you enter dimensions in the width and height box it will resize it to that size, but I may be wrong, I never used it.
    Then just click Update avatar and it will be there.

    The medals just represent many posts you have. You get them when you have a certain # of posts, and at 1000, they turn gold.

    Ignore this just look at the link jph posted
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    This post has an explanation of the ranks/medals. [​IMG]