New 3DS xl blue light flash problem

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    Oct 5, 2019

    I was trying to CFW my N3DS with the help of the latest guide at (for version 11.11) Everything went smoothly until I installed the boot9strap to my console. After it, the 3DS went black and wont turn on. When I try to power it on, only the blue light flashes and that's all.

    Now, I've searched for AGES to solve this problem and the last thing I wanted to do is start a new thread about the same thing, but nothing seems to work, that has been suggested before! So here goes.

    I tried replacing the boot.firm to an earlier version of the boot file of luma but it did nothing. I also have the files from my SD card before I started this adventure, which I tried to get to work on the console with my other SD card but the same thing happened. I have also tried to L+R+A+UP start the console, but nothing happens even then.

    When I was watching the tutorials, I noticed that in my case, there was no configuring of luma whatsoever after the boot9strap installation. Also, my SD card root did not have a luma folder after the installation.

    I'm panicking pretty heavily, so if any of you have an idea to fix this, I appreciate it!
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    You don't seem to have placed the boot.firm on the SD card. Make sure that it doesn't go in any folders, the console won't look in them.
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