New 3DS on the way, what now.

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    May 6, 2016
    So I got kinda excited last week seeing all this stuff about 11.2 being exploitable fully.
    Tried to buy a 3DS on the same day but obviously every single shop in Canada was out.

    Resorted to getting a refurbished New 3DS XL from Nintendo's website.
    Fast forward to yesterday, my order just moved to "shipped" status and poof, that 11.3 update is out.

    More than likely the console I will receive will be either 9.0 or 11.2 ( assumed )

    Still I have a few questions.
    Providing the console is not already on 11.3

    - Can I still go ahead with
    - Will my console automatically update to 11.3 in the process of following One of the steps seem to mention to update the 3DS. Wouldnt that break future exploits ?
    - Is there a way to update to 11.2 even if 11.3 is now out ?

    I realize these questions have been and will be asked and using search would make sense but frankly the answers are not always clear and id rather not take a 240$ guess !
    Sorry for the spam fellows.
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    Right now if the console is on 11.3 you cannot follow
    You will not have to update your console if you follow
    If you don't have cfw you could update with a cart, if you do you could ctr transfer.
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    May 16, 2011
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    It will be on a hackable firmware. All non-Japanese New 3DSes are on at least 9.0, allowing soundhax, and it will not be on 11.3 so soon after that firmware was released.

    Just follow
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