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Jan 3, 2009
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Just came back from working with my dad, and we needed to stop off at Netto because mum and dad wanted some brandy.

Got to the checkout, with my dad in front, (as he was actually buying the stuff) and the foreign-sounding cashier asked me for ID.

Now...I am under 18 (and look under 25 if I say so myself
) so I can see why he asked, but considering that my dad is 39 and he was in front it did seem a bit odd.

Not only do I not even drink (I prefer soft drinks personally), which I don't expect him to know, but I wonder if he asked me because I was taller and I was wearing a hooded top.

I'd had enough of waiting so I went to the car at this point, but what I gather happened after I left was that the store manager arrived (who probably didn't look old enough to be buying alcohol either) and was blabbing about how they have the right to refuse if they think something's up, and my dad had mentioned that he was only shopping with his son and that it was for his wife. They also talked about how the cashier could get a £2,000 fine if it was for someone my age, so my dad suggested that if he went to another checkout and got served then that would be that. The manager said he could try.

So he did. Problem solved.

Turns out we'd boycotted that same Netto for years because a staff member smoking outside threw her cigarette awfully close to my pushchair (when I was young enough to be in one obviously).
Silly bint.

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