NetHackDS v1.9


Jul 18, 2007
United States
NetHackDS v1.9
Roguelike designed for NDS

Another update, another changelog. Developer brettk just keeps improving on his recently released NetHackDS, adding an iRogue-esque movement compass mode, along with a few other improvements. Download and changelog below.

[title:Changelog]* Added movement compass mode, ala iRogue, enabled with the new option 'compassmode', which can take the values 0 (disabled), 1 (relative mode), or 2 (absolute mode) (default off). See the packaged defaults.nh for an example.
* Added support for sending '>' (the floor) as well as '.' (yourself) when being prompted for a direction (eg, digging, zapping, etc) by doing a regular tap for '.', or a held tap (tapping and holding for about a half second) for '>'.
* Added an input history to the keyboard (limited to the last ten items).
* Added support to the keyboard for using the joypad to move the cursor.
* Modified taps on locked doors so the initial tap attempts to open the door normally, and only the second tap begins kicking.
* Optimized status updates, so enabling 'time' doesn't slow the game down.
* Fixed a bug that was most obvious with commands that prompted for directional input, where input keys would get ignored.
* Fixed a menu bug triggered by a page down, resulting in the menu being dismissed erroneously.


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