Steam Deck Client Update (SEP'22)


Dec 24, 2008
United Kingdom
  • Slider controls now allow more precise input for large ranges, and accelerate changing the value the longer left/right is held.
  • Fixed scrolling on home recommended screen due to discovery queue
  • Fixed issue where What's New section was not populated properly
  • Fixed an issue loading game carousel items on the home recommended tab
  • Fixed crashing issue when streaming from one Steam Deck to another
  • Fixed crashes related to screenshots, audio, and Bluetooth
On-Screen Keyboard
  • Improved the responsiveness of On-Screen Keyboard
  • Trackpad typing now generally updates at 60hz
  • Fixed missing keystrokes when touch typing on the On-Screen Keyboard in desktop mode
  • Fixed the in-game On-Screen Keyboard text entry dialog sometimes having buttons cut off
  • Fixed an issue where the on-screen keyboard would not type into chat tabs
  • Fixed up and down direction on gamepad sometimes skipping rows on the keyboard when connected to an external display
  • Fix errors when operating emoji keyboard in Steam and desktop modes
Media page
  • Improved Media page performance for users with a large number of screenshots
  • Restyled the Media page to show more screenshots at one time
  • Fullscreen screenshots can now be scrolled through by pressing left/right
Steam Input: Virtual Menus
  • Virtual menus received a visual refresh
  • Virtual menus can now be named and moved between difference sources or converted between menu types
  • Fixed layout issues with the hotbar style virtual menu
  • Commands such as keyboard keys or gamepad buttons will now display glyphs when the user has not manually picked an icon
  • Icons and colors can now be assigned in the new configurator
  • Menu items can now be reordered
  • Responsiveness of the touch menu cursor and general performance has been improved
Steam Input: General
  • Added support for Mode Shifts in the new configurator
  • Added a "Turn Off Controller" command to the external gamepad guide button chord layout
  • Replaced the Big Picture configurator in desktop mode with a windowed view of the new Configurator. This currently only applies to desktop mode on Steam Deck.
  • Updated navigation of controller command buttons to keep your current selected column when scrolling
  • Improved styling of command names
  • Improved touch menu cursor performance and responsiveness
  • Fixed bug w/ renaming "Move By Amount" mouse commands
  • Fixed action set layers not carrying through Gamepad triggers outputs from button commands
  • Fixed issue with Nintendo Switch Controller glyphs on the On-Screen Keyboard
  • Fixed a case where two controllers could show the same slot in the Controller Reorder screen
  • Fixed a case where a controller could not show up in-game until the overlay was toggled
  • Fixed the Page Up/Down glyphs being swapped in virtual menus
  • Fixed an issue where Switch controllers could show up w/ a duplicate device
  • Fixed editing command settings inside of a mode shift
  • Fixed issue where command settings would not save
  • Fixed an issue where Mouse Edge Spin would be more sensitive on the left-side of the trackpad than the right
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