NetHackDS v1.16

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    NetHackDS v1.16
    Roguelike designed for NDS

    Another day, another update of brettk's NetHackDS. Download and full changelog below.

    [title:Changelog] * Allow users to bind commands to individual chordkey presses (note, you can't bind combination presses, and commands are activated when the key is released).
    * Added support for binding run and fight movements (movements prefixed with 'g' and 'F', respectively).
    * Added the 'cmdkey' option, which lets the user define the key used to open the command window.
    * Added 'keyhelp' option which controls whether the bindings are shown on the screen (default is now off).
    * Added HELPLINE1 and HELPLINE2 directives. These take key lists, which determine which keys appear in the key help, and in what order.
    * Moved minimap colours into a palette file (minimap.pal).
    * Properly ignore all input when in sleep mode.
    * Various commands which didn't show a prompt now do (eg, wear, take off, eat, etc).
    * Fixed a bug in the default X keymapping. ie, it actually works now (the default was mistakenly set to "o," instead of just "o").
    * Fixed a bug where dismissing the "Toggle Option" key binding submenu without selecting anything would cause a crash.
    * Fixed a bug where responding to the "Press A…" prompt would result in the action bound to A getting executed.
    * Fixed keyboard colours, and changed the palette to plain text.

    Regarding the keymapping code, the new cmdkey option adds interesting new possibilities. For example, by switching the cmdkey to 'start', you can free up both shoulder buttons for chording:


    It's interesting to note that the 'lefthanded' option is somewhat unnecessary now, as the same thing can be achieved with cmdkey and CHORDKEYS. However, I've left it in for backward compatibility, and it results in the L and R keys being swapped.

    Note, make sure you copy over kbd.pal and minimap.pal from the distribution archive to your /NetHackDS directory (assuming you don't just unzip straight over the old copy).

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
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    It took him 4 days to update? He's losing his lead. Of what, I do not know.

    Someone should update that screenshot.