NetHackDS v1.15a

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    NetHackDS v1.15a
    Roguelike designed for NDS

    Another update to brettk's NetHackDS; the 'trigger mode' previously used for keybinding has been replaced with CHORDKEYS, which should allow for much more complex and in depth keybinding. Download and full changelog below.

    [title:Changelog]Version 1.15a Released.

    Yes, already. Fixed a map rendering bug in graphics mode caused by wall tile substitution in the NetHack core (this was evident when going from the regular dungeons to Sokoban, where the wall colours are supposed to change, but didn't).

    Version 1.15 Released.

    * Added the CHORDKEYS configuration option, which allows the user to define which keys may be used in combination of others for the purpose of key binding.
    * Removed triggermode (yes, after just two versions), in lieu of CHORDKEYS.
    * Display help for key bindings if a chord key is pressed.
    * Changed extended command input to use a menu, rather than the virtual keyboard.
    * Added the ability to bind keys for toggling boolean options (eg, holdmode, hpmon, etc).
    * Added "Show Keys" command, which pops up a window listing the current key bindings.
    * Added hilite_pet support.
    * Added new option "keyrepeat", which controls whether or not keys repeat in the game (default on). Doesn't affect menus, command window, etc.

    Now, you may ask, "why did you remove triggermode?!?". Well the answer is simple: CHORDKEYS allows the same functionality, only moar betar! Specifically, if you set CHORDKEYS as follows:


    You can then bind Up+B to Up, Up+Right+B to Up-Right, Right+B to Right, and so on. And this happens to be identical to triggermode. BUT, it also allows one to bind Up+X, Up+Y, and so forth, which is basically triggermode on steriods (and allows one to duplicate other key arrangements, such as that found in DSCrawl).

    But note! If you change CHORDKEYS, your keybindings are reset! This is necessary, as there's no clean way to migrate an old keyset forward if the CHORDKEYS setting changes.

    And yes, this modification is backward compatible with the old keybinding file, so your settings won't be lost (again, unless you change CHORDKEYS).

    Lastly, in CHORDKEYS, the free shoulder button is always "r", whether or not lefthanded mode is enabled. Call me lazy.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
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    This has to be the most updated homebrew of all time.
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    I think this thing is the most updated thing period. I mean, it's like everyday a new AVG update and 1 1/2 new NethackDS updates.