NES and SNES emulator for PS3?

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    Hi. Recently I was asked by someone if it is possible to play NES and SNES games on the PS3. I'm not too familiar with the PS3, so I figured that I would ask here. From what I have looked at, it appears that there are NES and SNES emulators for the PS3, but I have some other questions...

    1. Does the PS3 need to be hacked in order to use them? (I'm assuming yes)
    2. If so, would he need any external hardware or software?
    3. If he does hack it, does he need to be worried about being banned from the online features of the PS3.
    4. Can all PS3's be hacked?
    5. If so, where can I find a good guide.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    yeah you need to be on cfw to install and use these. so 3.55 or what not. he could ftp all the stuff he wants on there on his ps3, but it would be easier if he had a flashdrive to at least get the files on it. right now he can go online with newer 3.55cfw but it will likely be blocked after a while. 4)no. 5)
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    If he's been keeping his PS3 updated, then there's no way to do it via software only, as the current hacks are for older firmware versions.

    There's stickied guides in this very forum...
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    1. yes of course.
    2. well if he wants to use cfw and is on a higher firmware than 3.55 you can use a e3 dongle to downgrade the firmware from what i have read anyway, you may need to get more info about that. worries of being banned, and cfw on ps3 is touch and go if you get psn acess anyways.
    4. see answer n0 2.
    5.psx-scene have a good ps3 community if you want to register on there, also Rydian has a faq guide in the ps3 section here it seems.