NeoGamma with NTFS

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    Has anyone listened to their Wii disc chattering around when playing COD:BO? That game moves the laser around so much I'm sure it will eventually break the plastic gears. My goal is to use NeoGamma with a WD My Passport Essential 500GB USB 2.0 drive. It comes formatted as NTFS and I would like to leave it that way if possible. I have the latest NeoGamma running with the proper cIOS and can run games off a 2GB USB stick formatted to WBFS just fine.

    Can NeoGamma run games from a NTFS drive as indicated in the Backup Loader basics sticky?

    What backup manager should I use to place the game on the hard drive?

    Does the file have to be in a 'wbfs' folder?

    Does the file need to have a '.wbfs' extension?
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    Neogamma wbfs only

    Use Wiiflow 2.2

    Wii Backup Manager

    Yes(the manager will do it for you)