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    Mar 28, 2009
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    My situation is this:

    I got a WD MyBook Home Edition 500gb, created 2 partitions (1st one is FAT32 for Triiforce, 2nd one is WBFS for games), I had wiiflow as an installed file on priiloader and it was working great with my previous external drive, but since I switched, my wii doesnt detect the drive properly.

    Ive read about the MyBook Home Edition problems (thanks to the search), and I would go for a USB eSATA cable, BUT I noticed that if I start WiiXplorer, my usb is recognized, and after that (if I dont reboot my wii) everything else recognizes it. So its probably fixable by software.

    What I would like to ask is if theres any way to make a DOL of WiiXplorer that would open wiiflow from usb or sd right away.

    I used to have devkit installed, but since I formatted I havent played with it

    So, if there is a way, and if its a quick thing, could someone please create this dol for me?

    If its not a quick thing, I will be happy just to know that it is possible and then try to make that myself when I have some time

    Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance if you have any helping words [​IMG]