Need some help with SDAT files

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    Dec 6, 2008
    I want to swap a sng from castlevania dawn of sorrow to Order of Ecclessia. I already used ndssndext to open the SDAT file and I located the files I wish to swap, however I dont know how to reassemble the SDAT file so I can put it back at the rom, anyone knows how?
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    There is a basic repack tool from kiwi.ds over at tahaxan forums:

    Most people hacking sounds will however do it by hand:
    Thread with a similar technique:

    You can also put files at the end of the sdat and save fiddling with things if the new sounds are bigger than the old sounds however remember you also have to change the overall file size in the header.

    Also note if it is sseq (likely) you may need to grab the bank files too.
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    Dec 6, 2008
    Wow thanks for the info, I'll be trying this, however this is my first time so I'm gonna post everything I'm going to do in case I mess up at some point and need some help.

    First I got this info from the files I'll be swapping:

    22, 426 bytes

    18, 560 bytes

    those are the 2 files I'm swapping.

    The size should be smaller now. I was trying to repack using the kiwi.ds app but I am getting a 0KB file as a result

    Update: The problem was because I use another unpacker, I decided to go with NDS Editor's unpacker and swapped the sequences, I also swapped the corresponding soundbanks and repacked. Game is playable but the sounds are really messed up, a backdash says ''akumajou dracula'' >_>

    I believe this is because the resulting SDAT was a bit smaller, the new sseq file was smaller, but the new sbnk file was bigger

    2nd Update:
    I've been reading more of the topics you link about file swapping, so far I understand how you can make the game read another file, although it works on same size files. I thought I could simply add the new sseq and sbnk to the end of the sdat and just make the gama read those instead but if I add a file after tearing the SDAT apart, I don't know if reassembling is going to simply going to add the new files in the middle of the file and mess up the sounds.

    I think it might be best to just alter the files so that they could mimic the originals in size, which means I will have to increase the sseq file size and decrease the sbnk but I don't know how to trim a file and if making those modifications is going to bring me further problems.

    small mistake: sseq file is smaller, sbnk is ALSO smaller

    The above is true when viewed with crystal tile, but on the windows file view the second bank is bigger