need help with modded wii

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    Tell that to the large number of people here whose flash drives have caused problems with USB loading, which is why we advise against using them in the first place. Read operations do indeed wear the flash memory, although not nearly as much as write operations, but when your system is constantly loading from a disc image that encompasses a large percent of sectors your flash drive has as hard as it possibly can, that tends to add up. Drivers and filesystems are also variable factors in this, and the ones used by cIOSes vs. the Wii's native USB drivers (such as the one in IOS58) are really quite different. If you'd take a look around, you'll notice that peoples' internal Wii NANDs are also burning out.

    WOOO1234, just update CoD. It doesn't affect your system menu, it just creates a save file.
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    So when I test my internet connection it connects but ask me to update I try and get an error. Is it because I used priiloader or bootmi n turned off updates?
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    yeah it might be. cod should work with out updating the wii. are the wii update servers still active? there is another fps still online and that one is goldeneye 007. i still play. there are still players on and even plunty of noobs to rek