Need help with Mighty Channels

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    I got it set up (After two long hours of dumping the NAND), and I have a few games installed into the NAND. I had put the NAND.bin and keys.bin files into the root of my USB. I run Mighty Channels, and it views the channels in which are on the NAND that's on the USB. I have tried launching multiple games and I keep getting the error that the "Identify Failed," does anyone know how to fix this? I'm currently trying to find any way that I could fix it, so help would be greatly appreciated!
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    do you have an option to select the IOS slot to use?
    Triiforce/mighty channel are a little old, maybe they don't work with d2x cIOS.
    You should try to install waninkoko's cIOS rev17 or 19 in your slot 249 (or in another slot if you can select the slot to use in mighty channel).
    use a base 38.
    or maybe d2x can work, but pick a base 36 or 38.

    it could be your HDD too, emuNAND works with 512 bytes per sector HDD. I don't know if advanced mode (4096 bytes per sector drives) are compatible.

    Or it's something else, but currently I don't have any idea :P
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