Need help with HDD and USB Loader

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    Jun 18, 2010
    Ok i hope that u can help me because i was checking on ohter threads and it was no help, well at least it didnt gave me a solution to my problem. Here it goes:

    I have a black wii 4.2u i installed cIOS 38 Rev 16 using USB Loader GX latest version.
    i have an Internal Seagate HDD 3.5 250 GB in an enclouser 3.5 with no name.

    The games loaded good but after a while they freeze and i had to power off the wii by hold the Power button. it happnd in all the games that i tried untill i tried NSMBW and then it crash and when i restart it it didnt recognize de partiton not the wii or the computer with the WBFS manager so i had to reformat my HDD to NTSC.
    By looking at the forum it seem that my issue has to do with HDD going to sleep mode (thats what ive deducted but im open to other possibilities im a noob so im not really sure thats the problem) but i cant find a way to change this setting.

    Ive tried with the Seagate software but it didnt recognize my drive since is not external and i dont know what else to do. Please if anybod now how can i make this work i would really appreciate it.!

    Thank u very much for ur time i hope u can help me!


    I remember that the USB Loader didnt recognize my HDD at the beginnign i had to start the Loader and then turn on the HDD in the enclouser.

    Thanks Again!